We provide our national and international clients with detailed and thorough legal advice related to every aspect of intellectual property. In particular, the preparation of national and international trademark applications.

Why is trademark registration important? You may consider you don’t have to deal with this topic either because you own a small business or, on the contrary, you own a large company. The size of your enterprise is irrelevant; trademark registration protects your brand and avoids infringement and legal issues in the future. While being unaware of this, you can lose a brand simply by using a commercial name or an image that doesn’t belong to you. In addition, you can prevent someone else -most likely, a competitor- from using the image or name of your business, which might cause loss of profits and brand recognition.

Registering a trademark protects your present and future heritage. Investing in a company is risky, but not registering might be a higher, and much more expensive, risk. Trademark registration is a company’s greatest asset.

DOXA provides all the necessary services to obtain and protect your brand in Mexico and abroad. Our firm specializes in doing brand viability analysis, national and international searches, processing and achievement of national and international registration, renewals, licenses, transmissions of brands, franchise contracts, audits and evaluation of registered brands.


  • Confidentiality Agreement.
  • Brands.
  • Commercial advertisements.
  • Trade names.
  • Transfers of rights.
  • Franchise Agreement.
  • Trademark and patent oppositions.
  • Trademark renewals and usage checks.
  • Litigation in matters of industrial property: administrative infractions, nullity proceedings, (legal protection), transshipment measures and border measures.